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Why should you have to choose between a major dealer, high-end company or large corporate supplier to get acceptable office furniture installation service, or else risk getting the type of inconsistent office furniture installation service you receive from the guys who had to rent a truck and hire cheap labor to install your office furniture? We're dedicated to making sure your office furniture project will be completed on time and hassle free.

Serving businesses since 1996, Office Systems Installation (OSI), understands your need to be confident that your office furniture installation or office furniture reconfiguration project will be thoroughly planned, correctly executed and completed on time. OSI offers a complete menu of office furniture services to support any sized project your office space needs. With our depth in experienced office furniture installers, we are able to service professionally all major office furniture products:

OSI is committed to ensuring that your office furniture will meet your needs for years to come.  After the office furniture installation or reconfiguration, OSI can keep your office furniture and cubicles clean, in good repair, and working at top efficiency.

OSI has matched an understanding of the needs of corporate America with an experienced team of office furniture project managers and office furniture installers who share our values of integrity and dedication to quality. Our goal is to invest in quality people and state-of-the-art office furniture installation and office move equipment so that you can be confident, whether you have a need across town or across the hall, that the OSI team is ready to help.

Granted, our goal is to be valued-priced, but we strive to provide top-rated customer service with an objective of building long-term, satisfied customer relationships. We don't have to price our office furniture installation and office furniture services to make the next quarter's earnings or to raise enough to make a payroll. OSI wants our customers to come back because they know that we can provide the high-quality office furniture installation service of the national companies while pricing competitively with the small ones.

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