Decommissioning furniture refers to the process of disposing of or repurposing old or unwanted furniture. This can be a necessary task for any business who is updating their office space, downsizing, or simply looking to get rid of furniture that is no longer needed or wanted. 

In addition, decommissioning furniture can be the most economical and environmentally responsible thing a company can do when looking for an office furniture change-up. Office Systems Installation is your best choice to tackle any and all challenges that come with decommissioning  your office furniture. 

Decommissioning furniture can be a complex task. With Office Systems Installation, we carefully plan and consider all options for reusing, recycling, and/or removing any unwanted furniture pieces or workstations. OSI provides the best solutions for your office needs that are responsible and cost-effective.  ​

No matter if you need to get rid of the conference table or tear down hundreds of workstations, our crew will go over and beyond to assure the process runs smoothly. Request a quote today! 

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