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Office Space Planning Services in Phoenix, AZ

what we do: design and space planning

Make your office environment more efficient.

Proper office furniture installation design and office space planning are great ways to improve efficiency in any office environment.

Office Systems Installation (OSI) can contribute to the success of your office furniture installation, helping you maximize the workflow in a new office facility. OSI can also assist in developing a more productive workflow design by reconfiguring the office furniture layout of an existing office space. In either situation, the result will enhance the productivity of your organization and provide an office environment conducive to business growth in an ever-competing marketplace.

You are an expert in your industry, but when looking at the floor plan of your new office space or realizing the inefficiency caused by your outgrowing your current space, the sense of confusion can be overwhelming.  When it comes to office furniture installation or reconfiguration, this is what the team at OSI knows best. OSI will look at the office space, evaluate the tasks performed by the team members within the space, and determine the office furniture products that best suit the need. Our office furniture professionals can review your office space needs and ascertain the office furniture specifications necessary to realize your vision.

We have in-depth, expert knowledge of every major office furniture manufacturer and cubicle workstation system available. The tenure of the OSI team enables us to enjoy a solid reputation for achieving success with past office furniture projects and the respect that comes with that reputation.  On larger office furniture installation projects, OSI partners with local architectural firms and members of the office design community to offer expert office space design services, giving clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing your office furniture installation is done exactly to the specifications of the office manager and facility manager.