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what we do: cleaning

We service your office space faster, cleaner and GREENER.

The objective of Office Systems Installation (OSI) is to ensure that your office space provides the best working environment for your associates. That starts with providing a clean and healthy environment.

After evaluating several cubicle panel and office chair cleaning methods, we chose the CFR cleaning system (continuous flow recycling), a patented system of commercial cleaning equipment specifically designed for high-performance fabric hygiene including upholstery for office seating, draperies and office cubicle panels.

OSI has ensured that our experienced office furniture installation team is professionally trained in the proper use of the CFR cleaning system. The office furniture installation teams’ training ensures the highest quality of cubicle panel cleaning and office chair cleaning for best results.

The CFR system is faster, cleaner and GREENER, because of its recycling cleaning system and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Plus, the CFR system is quiet enough to use during normal business hours in your office space.

  • Freshened cubicle workstation panels extend their life.
  • The CFR cleaning system removes more moisture, so you don’t have to wait for your office furniture to dry; thus less down time.
  • After cleaning, our experienced professional team of office furniture installers ensures everything in the freshly cleaned cubicles is working properly to keep your staff at peak efficiency.

The health and attitude of your associates affect the productivity in an office environment. Realizing that your associates spend the bulk of the day in their office environment, the cleanliness of that space is important.   Freshly cleaned cubicle panels reduce unpleasant odors and harmful airborne pathogens that contribute to an unpleasant work environment. 

In many office settings, the office manager or facility manager will contract with a cleaning company to clean the office workspace regularly, including scheduled carpet cleaning. By including regular cleaning of the office workspace cubicle panels and office seating, you can optimize your office environment, returning your workspace to the new feeling it had when you first moved into your office.