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We are a full-service company for your office environment, whatever the size, whatever you need!

Because of many years of experience with large companies we have a clear understanding of their unique needs. We understand that quality extends well beyond the office furniture installation. Quality includes our detailed paperwork, the appearance and dependability of our people and our returning your phone calls. We understand your commercial office installation or relocation project is a high-profile project within your company, and you really need a project manager ally on whom you can depend. We get that "moving" an office entails much more than taking the furnishings from one place to another. Moving is worrisome enough without having unexpected details crop up at the last minute. We thrive on those details that you may not have even considered, ensuring that everything related to your relocation goes smoothly.

A dependable partner must have enough managers and employees with broad knowledge of office furniture systems, commercial furniture moving and project management. We believe that company should own its trucks and employ a full-time staff of documented workers. We believe in paying our vendors, our taxes and our employees on time, so that our corporate clients never have to worry that we will create a problem for them.


who we are

Office Systems Installation (OSI) is a full-service company for your office environment, specializing in office furniture installation, cubicle installation, and relocations. We are a multi-generation family-owned business with the resources needed for your project, no matter the size.